October 29, 2012

Unhappy Halloween: Sandy & Why You Need to Back Up

Hurricane Sandy Landfall From Space - Courtesy LiveScience.com
This regularly scheduled blog has been interrupted by Sandy, an unprecedented storm that is 700 miles across and is threatening nearly 40% of the population of the United States. As I write this blog post and with more than a half day until landfall, Sandy is lashing the Philadelphia suburbs with wind driven rain gusting to nearly 35 miles an hour and the storm is still well over 300 miles away!

Interestingly enough, this news ties right into what I've written about ad nauseum for the past month. At SecurElement, we will be inundated with more than rain the next few days; we'll be flooded with calls from clients to fire up their cold server and point it to the data in our protected location (a hardened data center in Chester), or if they don't have a backup hardware box ready, we can spin up a virtual server that they can access via secure tunnel to be able to transact business. For those organizations who've resisted upgrading to electronic backups from tape, they may well be sitting with a pile of tape and nowhere to put it. Not much for business continuity.

This weather event is a prime example for the usefulness of electronic backups. If you do manage to get through this historic event with your data unscathed, there are still plenty of other reasons to head in the direction of electronic backups especially as a component of a strong disaster recovery (DR) plan. For those of you riding Sandy out in the Mid-Atlantic region, may you all be safe and sound and your families close. See you on the other side!

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