November 12, 2012

A Fresh Start

Does this look familiar?
Now that all of the election hullabaloo is over, I'm so happy to be rid of the political  ad bombardment! Whether or not you are happy with the outcome of the election, we have to get back to making our businesses stronger, more efficient, and more profitable. And one way to do that is to do more with less.

When thinking about doing more with less, the concept of virtualization immediately comes to mind. Many businesses are already benefiting from virtualization which, of course, is the concept of consolidating multiple pieces of hardware into fewer, more efficient, and better utilized platforms. This month, we've discussed the concept of Storage Area Networks (SAN) as a good way to add pooled data storage. However, this becomes even more critical with a virtualized environment because it gives the network a powerful receptacle for the VMs and a speedy way to build, rebuild, and maintain them across several platforms.

Granted, virtualization is not for the faint of heart. It does require a skill set to deploy and manage. In the past, the cost prohibition kept the SMB community out of the game, but the reduction in costs for hardware and software have given this market space the ability to reap the same gains as enterprise organizations. Check with your trusted technology advisor and find out whether it makes sense for your organization. If you don't have a trusted advisor, talk to those you trust who've engaged an outside resource for crucial IT decisions. You just might find you really can let go of this part of your business to give you time to better grow your business. With the "fiscal cliff" staring us in the face at the end of the year, don't you think we must have something to fall back on?

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