November 7, 2012

Another week, another superstorm - Are you ready?

With the region still reeling from Hurricane Sandy, the Mid-Atlantic braces itself for the arrival of a Nor'easter today. North Jerseyans and New Yorkers are the last people who want to hear that a windy, rainy, and snowy behemoth is bearing down on them.

Though many small and mid-sized businesses escaped Sandy relatively unscathed, there are scores of others that were not so fortunate and are dealing with the aftermath of damaged equipment, lost data, and lost revenue due to downtime from power outages. Of those organizations it's sad to say that some may not survive the disruption.
We at SecurElement are proud that our customers were not among the unlucky ones, and that they were able to rest assured that their businesses would come out of the storm no worse for the wear. Our data center in Chester, PA is a hardened Tier 1 facility that remained constant while so many lost power. So the next time you consider what could happen, go immediately to a partner that can provide you with the of piece of mind you need!

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