November 26, 2012

'Tis the season... for storage?

On this Cyber Monday, we see the continuation of consumerism that started on Black Friday come to a head. In all honesty, we really saw it start on Thanksgiving day much to the chagrin of many who think holiday shopping shouldn't infringe on family time. I could start on a rant about that, but there are other forums for such musings. As many spend time today shopping online for more stuff, there is always the consideration of where you're going to store it all. The gifts you are acquiring for others; where will you keep them from prying eyes? The stuff that is already being stored; will it be buried under the avalanche of new stuff?

While your closets and storage spaces at home may be busting at the seams, your SMB network is also facing the prospect of increased storage. One of the things you never think about is the massive accumulation of data because it's not something you can really see. Saved emails, proposals, sales information, and intellectual company property all keeps adding up. Some of you may actually archive a portion of it off the network into permanent storage such as  DVDs or archival tapes. However it seems apparent that most small and mid-sized organizations generate more data than they can siphon off. While a SAN can be used for that purpose, a roomy enough NAS appliance can work perfectly fine as well. Don't forget the concept of disaster recovery. Your DR scheme should include the ability to access off site data, whether archived files or real-timed saved backups. Save your SAN for virtualization.

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