December 24, 2012

A Tech Christmas Story

'Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the town,
There were businessmen all seeking profits unfound.

They furrowed their brows, and all gave a sigh,
Knowing soon that their taxes would be rising so high.

From the smallest of bakeries to builders of dreams,
To the wisest of thinkers, all downtrodden it seems.

They were hoping the New Year would bring them some hope,
But a country divided in one voice said, "Nope!"
Recession seemed poised to enter our view,
And nary a person could give us a clue.

But then, like the ocean, a groundswell was formed,
The cry for more funding grew strong like a storm,
A storm of ideas, a wave of new things,
Made most of them learn the economy sings!

Not a song of bemoaning, but a song of good cheer,
Made possible by working to fight through the fear.
The humbling thought of our country's collapse,
Led many small firms to take funds out of wraps.

"Invest them in newfangled technical stuff!",
The small and the larger of all of them huffed.
The rapid advance of technology here,
Has made us more able to work through that fear.

So in the New Year many jobs will abound,
When firms small and large lock security down.
Consolidate servers, work much more from home,
They'll be more productive than they've ever known.

And they will rejoice in the gear that they try,
Amazing! When most said it's not safe to buy.

The smart ones knew better; they forged on with glee,
Because rewarding their customers was surely a key.
Unlocking the secrets to forever success,
The network they built on had been quite a mess!

But finding a partner who tackled the job,
Made growing their BUSINESS and lo their heart throb,
Cry not tears of pain but of unbridled joy,
When profits jump up like a popping up toy!

So, even with fears of the New Year untold,
These leaders decided they had to be bold,
It wasn't the time to hide in the rear,
The time was upon them to let out a cheer!

A cheer for the engines of our nation's well being,
The small and not-so firms we're happily seeing!
We'll help you next year; see, there's no room for fright,
Until then, Merry Christmas and to all a Good Night!

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