December 17, 2012

Holiday shopping for your business? Think mobile!

Last week I talked about Mobile Device Management (MDM), and the fact remains that mobility, in general, will continue to explode as a main work tool for nearly every corner of the SMB world. If you're putting a naughty-or-nice list together for your employees, there are plenty of cool tools for them.

While you are at it, keep in mind that there are selfish reasons for you to look into acquiring some stuff before the end of the year. The IRS Section 179 deduction ends on December 31, 2012 and is likely to be a distant memory in 2013. The Internal Revenue Code adjustment allows businesses to depreciate 100% of acquired assets (equipment and software) up to $139,000. For example, a $20,000 purchase would end up with a $7,000 cost savings. I'm NOT an accountant so you should have the conversation with yours, and also read up on Section 179 here. Do it fast because you'll kick yourself if you miss out!

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