February 11, 2013

Invisible Infrastructure

Courtesy, Mark Anderson www.andertoons.com
The recent foray into new heights for Wall Street has many asking why there is so much consternation with the economy. Not like many in the SMB community are really worrying about the big picture, they have enough to concern themselves with in just keeping their doors open. Invisibility might be a key to saving money and increasing profits for many SMB organizations. More and more, the adoption of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) gives the full network experience without the investment.

Using a simplified description, IaaS is essentially renting the core server network from a third-party provider and connecting via VPN. This allows the new entrepreneur and smaller SMBs to have all the benefits of their own server or servers without the cost to buy the hardware and software, dedicate a space to house it, and pay to power and cool it. Often these IaaS options have much greater up time and security, and as a business grows, they can easily add more server power or applications without the large capital expense. The use of IaaS can qualify at tax time as an operating expense which provide additional financial benefits. With April 15th coming fast, it's worth having the discussion with your accounting professionals.

If your firm is tired of the endless surprise bills for your network servers, or if you are just starting out and want to ease into the world without a major investment, consider IaaS with your trusted technology partner. Learn to relax like the Corona commercials, with your tablet PC on the beach knowing that the rest is someone else's headache!

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