February 25, 2013

Network Performance

So far this month, we've explored the reasons why you should verify your organization's network infrastructure, and while blazing speed is a great goal, security and simplicity are also targets to aim for.

For many small and mid-sized organizations, adding IT resources to your full time staff is not expected to be doable in 2013 considering the still unsteady economy. Bringing on additional personnel includes expenses such as salary, health care benefits, and vacation time just to name a few. The expectation this year is continued growth in the SMB sector as entities entrust their network assets to third-party technology partners and cloud providers.

When choosing a technology partner, don't stop at the first name in the phone book! Spend time getting comfortable with a technology provider's business practices, their reputation, and their true intention. A good technology partner will not work the "what will our vendors pay us most for this month" angle, but rather will focus on your needs and how they can best help you do it! The other piece of advice is to find a trusted resource that can address your needs for a reasonable investment, but not the cheapest. Outsourcing the IT function, or at least offloading a portion of it, will free you to work on growing and promoting your own business and help you slide past this economic speed bump in one piece. Sure, I like speed as well as the next guy, but it's more than just going fast. A race car can go really fast too, but if it doesn't have good brakes it will accelerate itself into a wall. Don't let your business suffer the same fate!

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