March 21, 2013

March Madness = SMB Sadness?

The third month of the year becomes a haven for basketball insanity. Whether or not you are a sports fan or a passionate follower of college hoops, everyone is talking about the "brackets" they are filling out. What the heck is that (for you non-sporties)? The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament takes 68 teams and boils them down to a champion over the next three plus weeks, ranking the clubs on a grid called a bracket. This tree-like drawing becomes an obsession for those around the country in offices and among friends and business patrons, filling out who wins each individual game and ultimately gets the title of "supreme basketball guru" (or a commensurate cash winning!).

Here's where the problem comes in. In a fever to find out any pertinent information that can give them an edge, people start to hammer the Internet to figure out who should win between South Nowhere State and Eastern Jabip U. Making it worse, tomorrow when the tourney starts in earnest, there will be those who are in bracket competitions on different web sites that will be getting nothing done. Others will go even further and be streaming the games live on their monitors; bandwidth issues be damned! discussed in an article last Friday just how stressful this is for the enterprise with an IT department. Imagine how your small or mid-sized business is going to cope! If you have content filtering in your security portfolio, you can lock down sites like, and at the firewall level. You can even limit bandwidth to streaming applications, but this could affect line of business stuff as well. Not to mention wireless devices that are hopping on your network! Engage your trusted technology partner for some strategies before the Madness is in full swing. And if your alma mater is in the Big Dance, best of luck to you! I'm just hoping mine, the Cal Golden Bears, can find a way to end a two game slide and make it to DC - close enough for me to go! :-) Um... not that I'll be watching at work...

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