May 30, 2013

Do opposites really attract?

The old saying "Politics makes strange bedfellows," uttered by Charles Dudley Warner, who was a turn-of-the-20th-century author and pal of Mark Twain, still rings true today. Major technology news from this week featured something that would seem to fit that quote albeit with a slight revision of the word "politics" to the words "technology rivals."
Of course, I'm referencing the announcement that Microsoft and Google (yes, I said Google!) will be working together to build a native app for Google's YouTube on Windows Phone 8. You can read the article Microsoft and Google agree to build YouTube app for Windows 8 by Mary Jo Foley of to learn more.
So what's next? Exxon & British Petroleum collaborating to create an electric car? The casts of "Jersey Shore" & "Jerseylicious" performing Shakespeare? The technology world and consumers alike will watch the results intently as it could be the start of some amazing collaborations in the future.

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