June 10, 2013

Dropbox Dropout

Recently, the popular public cloud storage site Dropbox suffered an outage which marks their second this year. While this outage appeared to be relatively minor, those who were inconvenienced for the hour or so it took to get the site back online probably weren't so jovial. In fact, there were several comments across different forums stating that some users had experienced a loss of personal files in the outage.

If it's true that Dropbox users did in fact suffer from data loss as a result of the outage, this may be another incentive for SMB users to opt for a private cloud solution for file storage. If nothing else, the Dropbox outage starts the conversation for the need to examine where the tolerance for risk is versus the convenience and flexibility of cloud file folders. Again, this is just another argument on the side of investing in your own cloud solution to minimize the risk!

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