June 24, 2013

Panic Room

Also the title of a Jodie Foster film, a "panic room" is a room built in the homes of the extremely wealthy and maybe slightly paranoid. The purpose is to have a place to flee in case of an intrusion by a person or people with malicious intent. Now, thinking about your business, does your organization have such a safe place for data in case there's a problem? If your office facility or main location burned to the ground, will your critical information (sales, intellectual property, customer financials) go up in flames with it?

One thing's for sure, if your data and backups are on-site, the answer to the above question will not be pretty. So investing in some kind of cloud disaster recovery and business continuity tool is highly advisable. Putting crucial data in the public cloud and potentially exposing it to prying eyes is just not acceptable to many SMB decision makers. This further illustrates that a private cloud or a hybrid option is superior. Find a trusted technology advisor who can help you navigate the options and create the right solution for you. You don't want to end up locked in a room with bad guys pounding on your doors and walls trying to get in!

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