July 1, 2013

Independence is here!

With the color and pageantry of the Fourth of July just days away, I begin to think about the meaning of the celebration. I think about the long road faced by our founding fathers as they struggled to gain independence from the tyrannical rule of the British monarchy. I think about the desire to be free from the overbearing rules and economy chocking taxes. Then I think, are we right back to those days except our own government is the offending party? How many of you like hearing the word "audit"? Stop shuddering and cringing, I'm not sending the punitive I.R.S. goons after you!

An audit can be a good thing in matters of your network assets rather than your personal assets. In this case, it's more like a checkup for your IT scenario. Whether it's a general audit or a specific audit such around design integrity or security vulnerability, performing one can help ward off potential problems down the road and even illuminate pesky day-to-day issues that have vexed your staff. Using a third-party entity, without direct ties to the organization, is preferred since they have no agenda to fulfill. This month I will talk more about the audit process and the specific types to look for. So stop dialing your accountant right now! There's a holiday coming up so save the fireworks for the professionals!

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