August 19, 2013

iPad is Nice but SMBs Should Think Twice

Are you considering implementing tablets into your small or mid-sized business? Well, maybe you're not quite ready to completely overhaul your organization's endpoint environment, but you are ready to start integrating mobile computing for day-to-day operations. Apple has been the market leader in the tablet space for some time now, however the consumer-based nature of the devices are giving a window (pun intended) of opportunity to Microsoft to make inroads into the business space. That message was hammered home by CEO Steve Ballmer during the first day's keynote at the 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston as he played several of the ads like the one embedded above.
According to a 2012 article on, many US small businesses are really thinking long and hard about moving to tablets for some or all of their business needs. While about 31% have already moved the iPad into their organizational structure, there are those who would consider dumping them for Windows tablets (about 38% of them). Meanwhile, 29% of businesses who don't have tablets at all will only consider Windows tablets, and one in ten is already using Windows 7 tablets. The biggest advantage for many in the SMB space is the ease which the Windows tablets will integrate with existing Windows infrastructure.
While there are iPads everywhere you turn, we saw firsthand at WPC that the 2012 debut of Surface and Windows 8, while slow to gain momentum, may see a spike in adoption over the next 10-12 months. Especially as many SMBs are faced with the April 2014 end-of-life for Windows XP. Incorporating touch devices may be an easy step and the start of a real shift to the devices and services company that Microsoft has declared they will be.

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