August 5, 2013

Things We Take for Granted

As a child, did you and your friends ever tie old soup cans and string together to make a tin-can telephone system? Times were much simpler then as was the technology in the average small business. Likely there was a bunch of telephones, file cabinets, and adding machines, along with industry-specific stuff like slide rules, drafting tables, or chalk boards. Oh, how things have changed.
The Microsoft Vision
It's not exactly breaking news to say that today's business technology is a complex web of systems and applications of which Microsoft is deeply embedded. Several weeks ago while in Houston for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft described the future of what computing will look like for years and decades to come. This month, I'll discuss a few of the themes CEO Steve Ballmer and his team hammered home at WPC, and I will relate them to the small and mid-sized business community I work with every day. While some things will sound very familiar, there are a few that will surprise you. I'll tease you with one; don't assume the iPad has locked down the market for the SMB tablet revolution!

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